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Tanjungpinang - Batam is where we are located, on the busy Malacca Strait trade route, 25 km from Singapore, the transit hub of international trade in Southeast Asia. Making us excel in ease and speed of delivery.


Packaging. 500gr/pack, 5kg/master box. (May vary for each product) Made by order Production time 20-30 days Dor to Dor shipping system, From our warehouse to your warehouse + Costom Import License + Need Extra Time With Container + Cargo Protection & Insurance, 100% our responsibility. Minimum order 1500kg

Environmentally Friendly

We all know that traditional methods are the most environmentally friendly and we do just that. Nature has given us abundant raw materials, we take protecting them seriously. Nature is our mother.

About Us

Being on a busy trade route makes us experts in International trade.
International trade is not something new to us, our ancestors have been doing it since ancient times.
When the Johor kingdom was ruled by Sultan Abdul Jalil, he ordered Admiral Tun Abdul Jamil to open a Bandar (trading port city) located on the island of Bintan, which later became a bustling Bandar called Bandar Riau.
Tanjungpinang then developed into a major trading city for various merchant ships from Asia and Europe, when it was ruled by Yang Dipertuan Muda Raja Haji Fisabilillah. Tanjungpinang was known as the buffer and entrance to Bandar Riau in 1699-1782.
Harris established PT Matahari Sinar Bahagia, as an international trading company that upholds the values of justice and gotong royong.
PT Matahari Sinar Bahagia
specialized in snacks and crackers.
Abundant seafood and strategic trade routes are not an excuse for us not to provide the best service.
We collaborate with traditional fishermen, encouraging them to continue using traditional fishing gear that is environmentally friendly and non-destructive, Very fresh catches are processed immediately without waiting long, We process, mix spices with hereditary recipes, make dough, and cook also in traditional ways By prioritizing health and hygiene.
Our vision.
is to continue to spread kindness and happiness to mankind through our products. We will continue to improve ourselves and serve with Noble Character.
Our Mission
Have a measurable plan, follow the market changes and development.
Maintain quality at the highest level.
Support our clients to grow higher and higher, by taking full responsibility, body and soul, for the trust given by clients to our company.



Our Premium products are created with the best raw materials high flavors


Type 1

Tuna Fish Ball Cracker

Fish Ball Cracker 200gr
Type 2

Shrimp Crackers

Shrimp Crackers
Type 3

Squid Crackers

Squid Crackers

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Our Latest Blog

Not only does it taste good, Your body feels good too

This is beneficial for your health, due to the many important vitamins and minerals contained in seafood.
Seafood is high in protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B. It is especially important for the brain, eyes, and immune system.
Omega-3 is very important for children’s brain development, Vitamin A is good for eye health, protecting the eyes from fatigue when studying or due to too long playing Getget. seafood also keeps the kid immune system from getting sick easily.
Omega-3s are also needed to promote long-term brain health, prevent mental decline, and fish consumption is also good for heart health.

For women, seafood is especially important. Omega-3 and fish oil contained in seafood help reduce acne, and protects against the sun’s ultra violet rays, keeps your skin healthy and moisturized, and strengthens hair roots, healthy and shiny.

As we age, vision begins to decline, fortunately the nutrients in seafood can counteract this, as omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of eye disease, and Vitamin A is essential for eye health.
Joints become weak with age, you need more seafood. Seafood has anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for people experiencing joint pain and can reduce the symptoms of arthritis.
We make it into snacks, without compromising on the benefits of seafood. All walks of life-children, teenagers, adults, men and women-love to consume snacks, and we present the enormous benefits of seafood in a more fun and cheerful way.
Stay always healthy

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Muhammad Harris Harman

Founder & Director PT. Matahari Sinar Bahagia

Zam Zami


Cevi Silaban


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