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Kepri Coco Established in 2021.

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Located in the city of Batam, the border of Indonesia, only separated by sea from neighboring countries Singapore and Malaysia. the position of incoming international shipping in our area, provides advantages for our business in terms of convenience and faster delivery times.

Daily Harvest

Harvest should produce fresh fruit bunches at optimum maturity. Undercooked cuts will result in less oil. Harvesting is an activity that is very influential in determining the quality of coconut oil products. Therefore, high priority monitoring is needed.

Environmentally Friendly

Without compromising the importance of our environment and our environment, we apply safe and secure manufacturing practices to produce the best products.


Our goal is to improve the welfare of Coconut farmers in Riau Island Province, by producing premium quality Coconut Oil in Indonesia. Coconut Oil Production is the Pride of our Company. Our Coconut Oil, has a close relationship with the tastes of our customers. With perfect processing and good packaging, To meet the needs of our customers, in faraway lands. We ensure strict standards and controls in the production of our Coconut Oil, as set by developed countries, to ensure the health and safety of its People. In just 1 year, our company has passed the test and test as a supplier of quality Coconut Oil all over the world.


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RBD Coconut Oil

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Crude Coconut Oil

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Indonesia The treasure land of Southeast Asia.

Best Indonesian Coconut On Planet Earth

The coconut plant is dubbed the plant of life, because all parts of the plant can be utilized. In Indonesia, coconut is an important plantation product, because it can support millions of people so that it becomes a very valuable national wealth.

As a tropical country, Indonesia has a high potential for coconut production. In Indonesia, coconut has the largest land area compared to rubber and oil palm. Therefore, Indonesia is the largest coconut producing country in the world. Indonesia has a large export strength in terms of production volume so that it is also able to offer more competitive prices.

Why Coconut has great potential for export, because the benefits of coconut plants are not only water and flesh that can be utilized, coconut meat can be processed into copra and coconut oil.

That’s why Kepri Coco is here, to provide the goodness and benefits of Coconut Oil to our customers around the world.


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